WOD – Monday 6/13

This week marks the beginning of a power clean/power snatch progression which will help improve your pulling power and catch position. The coaching staff will really be emphasizing the proper footwork, bar placement and location of your hips and shoulders in relation to where they start. Hold yourself accountable to quality of movement and your 1RM will thank you. I promise.

2 min in Z1, then 2 rounds of the CFP general warm-up.
10 spiderman to Samson
10 OHS w/PVC
10 sit-ups
10 back ext. (GHD machine, sharing is caring)
10 strict pull-ups or ring rows
10 push-ups

Quick group mobility session

Find a 1RM power clean in 8 minutes, then E:45 complete 1 power clean @65% for a total of 12 singles

“Mr. Hockey”
5 rounds
40 DU’s
30 sit-ups
20 KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)

Cool Down
Log results, rehydrate and recover

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