WOD – Monday 6/20

3 rounds
200m run
10 jumping squats w/BB on your back
10 good mornings

CFP squat mobility

A1. Back squat – 6×3 @75-85%
A2. Box jump – really high, x3-5
As soon as you have warmed up to working weight, complete 3 back squats, rest :30 then 3-5 high box jumps. Rest 1:00 between sets. You must step down!

“A Liquey wheel gets the grease”
15 min AMRAP
9 box jumps (24/20”)
12 deadlifts (135/95#)(115/75#)
15 T2B/K2E

Accessory Work
Running add on – 400m x3, w/1:00 rest between
*hold a sustainable pace for all 3

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