WOD – Monday 7/30

So we are off. Sophie, Lancen and I will be watching Kristi first hand in Madison for the 2018 CrossFit Games. Make sure to check in online and watch for updates. I will post some shenanigans to the blog. Stay tuned.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
15 OH squats with a PVC
10 push-ups
5 strict pull-ups or ring rows

Keg drill for your shoulders
Pigeon for your hips
And spiderman for your hamstrings and ankles

A. OHS – 12 minutes to build to a new 3RM
B. Thruster – 12 minutes to build to a heavy single
A timed strength session. Yes, you might be able to hit more if given more time, but that isn’t the idea behind today. What can you hit before the clock hits zero? Both bars can start on the rack.

With the OHS, think about working just as hard to keep the bar stable as you would if you had to move the bar like in a thruster. Often times we simply forget to focus on maintaining that external rotation, pressing the bar out, and activating the lats during the lift. Allowing the bar to wobble and possible bar forward or backward. Keep pressing the bar up, squeezing the lats and act like you’re trying to break the bar as you complete the squat.

The thruster is a movement that will benefit from prioritizing tension as you drive up out of the hole. If you are already thinking about getting the bar overhead, you can really pick up some speed, bring the hips through the lift aggressively and get a lot of work done before the shoulders even have to think about locking the arms out overhead. Think back to the front squats with a pause. That is true tension and engagement. Are you achieving that in your thruster?

“Hunting Cabin”
21 OHS (95/65#)(75/55#)
200m run
21 thrusters
200m run
15 OHS
200m run
15 thrusters
200m run
200m run
9 thrusters
200m run
15:00 cap
Going to be a nasty one. Fast and loud. A CFNE special that fit perfectly into our month. Bar should be light enough where we should be able to keep moving. You might need to break up the bigger sets once, but thats it. Stay over the bar, take a big breath and get right back to it.

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