WOD – Monday 7/24

What a lot of fun Saturday was. Thank you to everyone who participated and spent a little bit of their Saturday with us, and a huge thank you to Ryan F. who graciously hosted, had the event catered and played the greatest host we could ever ask for. Turned out to be such an amazing day.

Foam roll the spine and hamstrings
Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
15 Russian KBS
10 goblet squats
5e single leg Romanian deadlifts

Banded leg mobility

Deadlift – 3×5@75%
*adding weight to last week
Less reps, but a higher weight.

“Back Roads”
Thrusters (165/115#)(135/95#)
15:00 cap*
Oh boy. Not much to this except how best to scale each movement so, despite your ability and experience, you get in a good workout. The thruster obviously can be less weight, but you should be thinking about 9 being close to an unbroken set. Meaning the weight should be scared to complete in one big set. Going too light would be just as detrimental as going too heavy. The muscle ups are a bit harder to scale. Some of you should simply be doing strict pull-ups and ring dips, 1:1. The second scaling option would kipping pull-ups (x2) and ring dips. Ring rows (x2) and push-ups (x2). Make it hard and get after it.

Accessory Work
Banded hip flexor pulls – accumulate 100t
Reverse hypers – accumulate 60

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