WOD – Monday 7/31

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of August?

For our next session of PortFit is going to be drastically different. Given the weather and the feedback from the beach WOD we will focus on using our fitness outside the gym. Once on Thursday and maybe once on the weekends, depending on the interest, we will do an outside WOD.

If you sign up for this session of PortFit, every week, for 4 weeks I will send an email which will reveal that weeks location. You will then find out what the WOD is when you show up to either the track, the tennis court, the beach, a wooded trail, a steep hill, or maybe even the outdoor pool. Each weeks goal will change depending on where we are going to work out.

If there is enough interest, we will run more than one class or this. Spots are already called for so if you want to reserve one or have any more questions, email Sophie.

Foam roll the hamstrings and thoracic spine
Then, spend 2 minutes in Z1
3 rounds, with a barbell
10 straight leg deadlifts
10 back squats

Hamstring and thoracic spine prep

Deadlift – 3×4@80%
*less reps, but since we are adding weight to last week, take more time between sets.

2 rounds; AFAP
25 power cleans (115/75#)(95/65#)
25 OtB burpees
This one is going to require some grit. It’s a grinder. 15:00 time cap. In order to beat it, you are going to need to bite off huge chunks of reps. You will need to push yourselves in terms of what you think you are capable of. 15 at a time, 20 at a time. The more comfortable you get with being uncomfortable, the ‘better’ this one will go.

Accessory Work
Banded hip flexor pulls – 100t
Laying banded leg curls – 100t

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