WOD – Monday 8/19

3 rounds
:30 AB
15 banded good mornings
10 air squats
5 inchworms w/push-up and toe touches

Squat mobility based on the strength

CF Strength
Box squats- 5×5@65% of your 1RM back squat
Warm-up and keep to a strict minute rest between working sets.
Just so you are aware of the progression of your box squat cycle, next week we will spend our last week in our 5×5. We will then move to 8×3’s at a slightly lower box height with increasing percentages. After those 3 weeks we will retest not only our box squat but our deadlift as well. If you stick to your percentages and focus on your form during these lifts, you will be very happy with your results.
Remember with the box squat
1. Vertical shins at the bottom
2. No rocking off of the box to stand up.

“Simply Paceless”
Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes total
400m run
20 T2B
You are going to have 4 minutes to complete a 400m run and 20 T2B. Even if you have to break up the T2B in 2 or 3 sets you shouldn’t have a problem as long as you don’t start failing reps. If 20 is too many, simply cut down the number and focus on maintaining a good rhythm between your kip and your toes hitting the bar. No 2 for 1’s allowed today. If you don’t know whether or not 20 T2B is too many, work until the 3-minute mark and see how far you can get. Then try to hold that number for all 4 rounds.

1. Bodybuilding – 3 or 4 rounds
10 standing OH tricep extensions
10 BB bench press
20 GHD sit-ups
10 hammer curls
2. Banded work – accumulate 100 each
Banded face pulls
Banded ab pull downs
3. Unilateral work –
Weighted step-ups – 4x8t
4. Gymnastics – T2B or C2B endurance cycle
A. T2B: complete 4 sets of 10 reps unbroken AFAP
B. C2B: complete 4 sets of 10 reps unbroken AFAP
Cool Downs for week 3 and 4
A. Shoulder focus
600m ski
Then, banded shoulder drills
2:00 accumulated in laying DB extension
B. Leg focus
40 cals row
2:00 in pigeon
2:00 in spiderman
C. Full body
3 rounds
1:00 on AB
1:00 in the bottom of your squat
:30 in downward dog
:30 in hollow hold

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