WOD – Monday 9/10

Let’s think about a goal that means something to you. Something you’d be excited about achieving. Sometimes a little, focused energy makes a big difference.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, grab a monster band and complete 2 to 3 rounds
20 air squats
10 steps left
10 steps right
10 steps forward
10 steps back

The Port squat mobility series

A. Back squat – 3×8*; add 5 to 10# based on your performance last week. The last set is an AMRAP, but you must hit 8 or more reps, if you cannot your rep scheme will change for next week.
B. Warm up the deadlift
No one should be dropping to sets of 5 yet and should look to continue sets of 8 for at least another week. Make sure you really understand that you are going to get out exactly what you put in. A lot of members were joking last week about probably being able to 2 or 3 more reps but deciding not to because they wanted to “save some” for the WOD. Go get those reps and earn that PR.

Keep in mind that week one was almost a burner week. Figuring out where you were. Some might have gone too heavy, while others went way too light. Some even built in their session. This week they are going to add weight, can be up to 20# from last week and it should be all based on that last set. If you got more than 8 you need to add weight, but how much weight is a direct correlation to how many reps the ME set was. Anything less than 14 and you probably picked the right weight for the first week and should be between 5 and 10# more for the following week. If you got 15 or more reps, you could be a little more generous this week and add either 10 to 20#. All of the same rules apply, just a little heavier.

“Off the Edge”
1 round; AFAP
30/25 cal AB
30 deadlifts (225/155#)
30 OtB burpees
This one might hurt wayyyyyyy more than some people think. This is one of those classic, come out hot and try to hold on workouts. Maybe even pick a pace you aren’t sure you can maintain.

Accessory Work
Spend 5 min on the bike for a cool down session
Then, max effort stretch session.

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