WOD – Monday 9/25

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
20t lunges
15 Russian KBS
10 push-ups

Quick joint mobility session

4 rounds for quality
A1. Front rack step-ups – 8e
A2. Bottoms up KB press – 8e
A3. Half kneeling wood chops – 15e
We have done the front rack step ups many times before in some variation, and they are a movement we should be well versed in. Box height does not have to be super high, and weight does not need to be super heavy, in order for this to be effective. Make sure you are not leaning into the lunge and are standing all the way up at the top with one leg. A lot of times, leaning forward will help build momentum in the lift instead of static strength. Also, instead of finishing the lift correctly, sometimes you will incorporate the second leg to finish the last few inches without thinking about it. Try to prevent both of these things from happening. It’s easier to do all of the step-ups on the left side, then all of the step-ups on the right side.

The bottoms-up KB press is such a great tool for strength and stability. Again, weight doesn’t need to be the determining factor here. Make sure you aren’t cheating by gripping the KB in the corner of the handle, it prevents the bell from falling over but for the wrong reasons. Grab tight and press from shoulder heigh to a good locked out position.

Half kneeling wood chops. A small band set up high on the rig, with the kneeling knee farthest from the rig, use only the arms to bring the band from a tight high position to an even tighter low position. There should be no twist of the torso.

10 min AMRAP
15 wall balls (20/14#)
12 weighted sit-ups (30/20#)
9 C2B
Very simple MAP training here. Let’s try to use what you have learned about pacing to approach this workout at a sustainable pace. Meaning you should be completing all your rounds in the same amount of time. There is no rest, so it is going to take a little understanding in order to come out of the gate slower than you think they need to. But you have the tools you need to be successful. Think about all the intervals we have done in the past and how you maintained a certain pace in those workouts.

Accessory Work
5 min on an Assault Bike
:30 hard effort
:30 easy

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