WOD and PortBurn – Friday 3/29

Looking back at your open performance, what are things that went well and what are some things you might need to work on. Reflecting on the last 5 weeks will really help you fill some gaps by working on your weaknesses. Your coaches are here to help.

Was it your engine that failed you? If so, the Port has a 6-week engine building program that you can add into your training. It’s 2 additional sessions a week, on the rower and/or assault bike and it’s guaranteed to help your overall endurance.

Was it a certain skill? Find a coach and schedule your skill session. You know they are built into your current membership. Or, if you want help developing a skill, make time to work with a coach and build a plan.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
20 air squats
10 push-ups

Group mobility session

“Down and Back Again”
4 min AMRAP
35/25 cals AB
30 wall balls
With time remaining accumulate as many shuttle sprits as possible.
Rest 4:00, x5
This one is the long interval work for the week. Last time we did this one, December 1st, some had a tough time finding the appropriate pace. The first couple of rounds looked a lot different than the last couple. Instead of coming out hot and running out of gas, try to pace the first few rounds, so you can push through the last one. If you get 10 shuttle rounds round 1, try to get 10 shuttle runs each time. You are going to get 4 minutes off between rounds, so the bike can be pushed a little bit, but do not fall into the trap of treating it like a sprint, it will catch up with you in the end.

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