WOD – Saturday 1/19

Spend 10 minutes ‘rowling’
Round 1 – sit-ups
Round 2 – squats
Round 3 – push-ups
Round 4 – pull-ups
Round 5 – burpees

Group mobility session

25 min AMRAP
10 partner pull-ups each
30 partner wall ball sit-ups total
600m row (300 each)
*the pull-ups can be partner assisted if strict pull-ups are not an option. So holding the feet of the partner on the rig.
*the sit-ups are done by passing a med ball but even the partner without the med ball must do a sit-up.

Porters and experienced lifters –
Push press – 7×1; all working sets, build.
So all working singles. No TnG reps to think about here, just pick up the bar, dip and drive. Use those legs, prioritize that rack position and really drive that head through. Make your big muscles do the work here and allow the smaller muscles to finish the movement.
Bring a Frienders –
SA DB strict press – 4x8e

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