WOD – Saturday 1/5

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, move from station to station. Changing movements every round.
:30 of work/:15 of rest
Station 1:
Round 1 – air squats
Round 2 – push press wall balls
Round 3 – wall balls
Station 2:
Round 1 – plank hold
Round 2 – sit-ups
Round 3 – Russian twists
Station 3:
Round 1 – KB deadlifts
Round 2 – Russian KBS
Round 3 – KBS

Quick mobility session as a class

TABATA push-ups. Must rest in the plank position.
Simple warm-up and mini strength session to prep the day.

“Tight Ship”
600m row
50 wall balls
50 sit-ups
500m row
40 wall balls
40 sit-ups
400m row
30 wall balls
30 sit-ups
This is a workout that you can really push. Jam the row and then attack those wall balls. Recover on the sit-ups.

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