WOD – Saturday 10/12

The first CrossFit Open WOD of the year and it is a burner. This one is all about pacing and finding the right speed to start and finish with is going to determine your success. Make sure you try to figure out what that means to you during your warm-up so you have a good plan of attack.

We are running classes today, which means if you want to come in to do the open workout, you must show up to a class, not at any time you’d like between 7 and 10. There will be a coach led warm-up, mobility and pacing guide.

3 rounds of increasing intensity
200m row
10 deadlifts
10 strict press
20 hollow rocks

Quick mobility session

Warm up the clean and jerk or snatch
1 round at battle speed
1:00 rest, x3

*some tips – move with purpose on the burpees. Find a way to be efficient with the step back and step up so you keep moving. This workout is all burpees. You could do singles on the barbell and pace the burpees perfectly and beat everyone in the gym. That is how much time is dependant on your burpee form.

To determine how to move the barbell, you want to stick with power snatches for a lot of reasons even if that means you will have to break them up to two sets. The clean and jerk should only be used if you wouldn’t be able to do 10 rounds of 4 and 4 snatches. Be smart here but do not put too much emphasis on it. Like I said above, it doesn’t matter how fast you go on the barbell if you bomb in the burpees.

Open WOD 20.1
10 rounds for time of:
8 ground-to-overheads, 95 lb.
10 bar-facing burpees

Time cap: 15 minutes
Talk to your coach for an individual plan and scaling options

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