WOD – Saturday 10/5

3 rounds
15 hard pulls, not fast, on the rower
10 Russian KBS
5 inchworms

Posterior chain prep for strength

Deadlift – 4×5; heavier weight than 9/16
This gym was sore from our last deadlift session, but everyone that I talked to were sore in the right places. The hamstrings and glutes, not the lower back. Good news. We are looking to add a little bit of weight to bar from 9/16 because we are completing one less set. Which when you think about it is a lot less volume. 20% less.

“Trapper Keeper”
4 rounds
40 air squats
500m row
Hold plank for exactly the time it took you to row
Very different workout here because you are really looking for that sweet spot between going really hard and wrecking your core for the plank holds and going too slow so that you have to be in the plank for hours. If you push the row too much, you might not be able to go unbroken on the holds because your muscles are so fatigued. So maybe slow the row a little bit to allow for enough recovery before getting into your plank. All this while doing math. Good luck.

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