WOD – Saturday 10/6

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a barbell
10 deadlifts (increase weights each time)
5 inchworms
10 hollow rocks

Posterior chain prep for strength

Deadlift – 1.1.1 cluster, x5; building
*not TnG
Take the time to reinforce the process and prioritze the process of setting up. With the cluster format there is no need to put the bar down. Just drop, take :10 before picking it back up. This kind of rep scheme means you could potentially hit over 90%.

“Passing Lane”
14 min AMRAP
15/12 cal AB
12 SA DB hang power clean (50/353)(40/25#)
9 burpee box jump overs
Classic CrossFit triplet.

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