WOD – Saturday 11/10

Complete 3 rounds of increasing intensity
250m row
15 KBS (start Russian, finish American)
5 inchworms w/a push-ups

Group mobility session to prep for strength EMOM

10 min EMOM
Evens – 8 weighted step-ups
Odds – 10 devils press (40/25#)(30/15#)
Very different strength session, both done with DB’s. With the step-ups, let’s make sure we are setting up correctly, a box that gets the knee to slightly above parallel is all you need, anything higher and it puts the knee in a bad position. No rocking on the way up and the trailing foot should do minimal work to help complete the movement.

The devil’s press is done by completing a burpee and then almost a 2 handed DB swing all the way overhead. Thinking about weight, athletes should choose something that does not force them to bend their arms during the completion of this movement.

Both of these will be very challenging so we will doing a lot of warming up before getting into the EMOM.

“Rule Changes”
16 min AMRAP
100’ farmers carry
25 KBS (70/53#)(53/35#)
20/16 cals row
15 burpees
Very, very grippy. Find a place that you can get a rest for your grip. Obviously burpees won’t require a grip, but simple changes in the KBS and rowing grip can help alleviate the pressure put on your hands and forearms.

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