WOD – Saturday 11/24

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
20 air squats
10 spidermen
5 inchworms

The Port squat mobility series

Back squat –
Make each one as close to a max as possible
Heavy back squats will play a major role in our programming. You guys came off that cycle super pumped by your progress, so we will start using your new numbers and continue our work. These are a lot of reps, so look back at the last cycle and build a plan.

“Get Gone”
4 rounds
15 deadlifts (185/125#)(155/105#)
150′ walking lunge
15 HSPU’s
Weight on the deadlift should be more than the last DL WOD. That WOD I wrote that the weight should be “annoying”. Today the bar should be moderately heavy. Most will be challenged to hold on and complete all 4 rounds UB. At least it’s not Diane, 45 reps at 225/155#, today its 60 reps a little bit lighter. Use all of that information to make an educated decision on what weight you are going to put on the bar.

Remember the HSPU triangle.

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