WOD – Saturday 11/3

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
20t lunges
10t KB push press

Group mobility session to prep for strength

The Curtis P. – build to challenging weight in 15 minutes
1 power clean + 1 front rack lung left + 1 front rack lunge right + 1 S2OH
Cool complex, so get right into it.

“Platform #3”
Buy in – 100 DU’s
3 rounds
15/12 cals row
5 Curtis P’s
Buy out – 100 DU’s
Bringing the strength into the WOD. There will not be a “Rx weight” prescribed but rather a “Rx percentage”. If you hit a true 1RM in the complex during the strength piece, you should look to put 70 to 80% on the bar for the workout. If you were simply working on good movement, put something on the bar that will be challenging for 5. Do not let the weight determine your form.

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