WOD – Saturday 11/30

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
2 rounds
20t walking lunges
15 sit-ups
10 push-ups

Child’s pose, spiderman and couch stretch

A1. Bulgarian split squat w/front foot elevated on 45# plate – 6x8e
*back foot should be on the ground
A2. SA DB strict press – 6x8e
Your unilateral work for the week. Make each piece of this challenging for you. So hold yourself accountable to really good movement, full ROM and add weight understanding that those are the most important. Numbers in Wodify are not. They mean nothing unless you move well.

“Inchy Pinchy”
14 min AMRAP
150’ plate pinch walk (45/25#)(25/15#)
25 G2OH
15/12 cals AB
Intended stimulus – the grip will really determine the pace at the beginning of each round and then later in the workout. If your grip starts to fail, you will have to slow way down which will allow your breathing and heart rate to recover. Therefore push the pieces that are not limited by your failing grip muscles and then take your time with the carries to prevent a total breakdown.

The plate G2OH is a movement that allows for both good and bad movement. Meaning you can do these incorrectly with very little risk of injury, however doing them well will only help you create better movement patterns in other lifts like the snatch and clean. Try to understand the importance of getting the plate into your hip crease and use your triple extension to get the plate overhead. Do not just move the plate straight up and down.

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