WOD – Saturday 12/16

Make sure you know the gym schedule over Christmas.
Saturday, December 23rd – Normal hours (7/8/9am)
Sunday, December 24th – Normal hours (8+9am)
Monday, December 25th – CLOSED; Merry Christmas!
Tuesday, December 26th – 9am/noon/4:15pm
*really no not excuse to keep up your routine during the holidays.

Sign into Wodify and then spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
15 Russian KBS
10 SDHP’s
5e KB press

Hamstring prep for the strength

Sumo deadlift – work up to a heavy triple in 6 working sets.
Look back and try to hit your numbers from 11/14
Today let’s focus on our grip. I have seen some people going far too narrow than they should be. This can cause a few issues in terms of balance and force distribution. Your grip should be roughly shoulder-width and usually this means you’ll be gripping the bar right where the smooth meets the rough part of the bar. Also, if performing a max effort, use a “mixed-grip”. Of course, it is okay to use a “clean-grip” if more comfortable, but you’re more likely to be able to handle more weight with a mixed or supinated grip.

“Irrational Decisions”
20 min AMRAP
2 bar muscle ups OR 6 C2B
4 HSPU’s or 8 push press
8 hang squat cleans (115/75#)(95/65#)
Everyone’s workout in the class might look completely different. Feel free to mix and match. Pick a pull, pick a press, and hang squat clean. Movements should be pretty fluid so the transition from one to the next is paced well and allows for some recovery. Otherwise, the 20 minutes will feel like an eternity.

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