WOD – Saturday 12/30

Please make sure you are wearing your outside shoes/boots outside and your inside shoes inside. The salt is getting out of hand.

Sign into Wodify and then spend 2 miniutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a PVC/barbell (10/8/6)
Bent over rows
Hang cleans
Front squats
*progress the warm-up to movements become more complex and dynamic.

Group mobility session based on the squat clean

Squat clean – work up past the weight you plan on using in the EMOM in 4 to 5 hard singles.
We are going to build this movement from the ground up. Spend the time listening and drilling in the details. Ensuring that we are practicing perfect movement will create perfect habits. If you let things off the hook because you are only using a PVC or a barbell, those imperfections will find their way into your lifting technique.

Today, our big cue is going to be a perfect finish position. Your catch position should look exactly like the bottom of a front squat. Bar high up on the shoulders, elbows parallel with the ground, knees out and hips between your heels. Warming up and mobilizing that position will really help as you build up in weight.

24 min EMOM
Min 1 – 18/15 cals on row
Min 2 – 10 burpee box jump overs
Min 3 – 1 squat clean + 30 DU’s
Min 4 – rest
*the squat clean would be very heavy, think like 80 to 85%
EMOM with the strength/skill session built in. This one will sneak up on some. Make sure you understand that in order for an EMOM to do its job, you must have a rest each minute or pace the movement out to bring down your HR. Really develop a plan in full and be ready to have a backup.

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