WOD – Saturday 1/2

I’d personally like to take a second to thank a very special part of the CFP staff. He is some one who comes in everyday that he coaches with a smile on his face ready to lead a class. His incredible depth of knowledge is obvious when he commands a group. And regardless of the fact that he has a full time job, he is a full time father of 2, and from what Amanda has told me, he’s a really great husband, he still works hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to coaching. He has been an incredible supporter of me and has pushed me to constantly lead from the front. Ben I cannot thank you enough for all the time you have donated, you’re an amazing part of the community.

Also, please check your emails. You should have received login instructions to set up your Wodify account. This is our new software where you’ll be able to do everything from track your workouts to buy things in the pro-shop. Please follow the steps so we can start the transition ASAP.

6 min AMRAP
40m shuttle run (10m down/back)
10 KBS (light)
8 ring rows
6 burpees

Lax ball shoulder smash and wall ball shoulder stretch

5 rounds
5 weighted pull-ups
10 single arm DB presses
15 weighted sit-ups

“Dirt Road”
8 rounds
:40 on/:20 rest
Cals on the rower
KBS (53/35#)

Ben’s choice

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