WOD – Saturday 2/10

Sign into Wodify and complete 3 rounds
Round 1 – 200m row
Round 2 – 15 cals AB
Round 3 – 12 cals ski
15 sit-ups with wall ball
10 wall balls
5 pull-ups

Quick mobility session

In teams of 3, start wherever you’d like, and move quickly from station to station.
4 min AMRAP
30/25 cal row
25/20 cal AB
ME shuttle runs (10m at a time)
Rest 4:00, x5
Each round will be scored as reps. Calories will count as 1 rep. Each 10m shuttle will count as a rep. P1 will start on the rower, P2 will start on the bike and P3 will be the runner. On the count of go, P1 will row 30/25 cals, P2 will bike 25/20 cals and P3 will run as many shuttle runs as they can until both P1 and P2 finish their calories.

After they have finished. P1 goes to the bike, P2 goes to run, and P3 goes to the rower. Continue with this until the 5 minutes are up. Rest the 4 minutes and then start over from the beginning, everyone getting back to the original starting positions. Because you get so much time off, crush that time spent in the workout.

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