WOD – Saturday 2/22

3 rounds for quality
10/8 cals on bike or rower
15 hanging knee tucks
20 air squats

The Port back squat mobility series

Back squat – EMOM for 9 min, complete…
Min 1 – 3 back squats between 75 and 80%
Min 2 – 2 back squats between 80 and 85%
Min 3 – 1 back squat between 85 and 90%
This will be quite the task so use the warm-up to prep for heavy reps. That means very different things to different people so have an idea where you want to be today and create a game plan to best execute.

Saturday SweatFest
5 rounds
40 DU’s
20 box jump overs
100m shuttle run (10m at a time)
Rest 1:00
Intended stimulus – looking to keep your rounds around 2:00 or less, we will be working with a good enough rest period to recharge and attack. Do not sit back and cruise in this one, instead find a different gear and power forward. Each movement is relatively approachable so scaling the number of double unders should be the only thing used to preserve the stimulus.

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