WOD – Saturday 2/29

Happy Leap Year Day!

2 rounds for quality
10/8 cals row
10 wall balls
10 sit-ups
10/8 cals AB
10 DB deadlifts
10 push-ups

Quick mobility session

“Quantum Leap’
16 min AMRAP
First 8 min etc.
Cals AB
Wall balls
Last 8 min Et
Cals row
DB deadlifts
Intended stimulus – a workout where you will need to just keep moving. As the sets become longer and longer, you will be able to find your breathing within the movements. However, as the numbers increase, there will be more of a likelihood of having to break them up, so have a plan on when to do so. If you take planned breaks, they tend to be shorter and better for recovery then when you take breaks because you think you need to.

Accessory work
Complete 100 total GHD sit-ups and 80 total perfect push-ups
Add weight if possible

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