WOD – Saturday 2/25

Our first FNL’s of 2017 was an incredible success. Let’s see if we can build on that energy for the next 4 weeks. Proud of everyone even if you are on Team Orange.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Group mobility with huge emphasis on hips, hamstring and shoulders
Then CFP snatch warm-up based on squat snatch in WOD
*warming up dynamically for the snatch will greatly improve your squat mobility

A1. Back squats – 5×5; building to as close to your 5RM as possible
A2. Ring dips – 5×5-10
*full range of motion is key here, do not add weight unless 10 is cake.

“Rumble Tumble”
5 rounds
10 hang squat snatch (95/65#)(75/55#)
30 cals on the rower
This is going to prove to be very difficult for a lot of people. You have a number of scaling options all of which will be presented to you by your coach. Figure out the best option for you based on your goals, the squat snatch might not even make sense.

Accessory Work
Tricep push down – accumulate 80
3:00 weight plank – sets of :45 to 1:00

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