WOD – Saturday 4/14

There are a bunch of brave Porties running the Newcastle 10k today. We will also have a booth and be hanging around enjoying the day. Come stop by, cheer them on, or look for my dead body along the route. You’re supposed to use your fitness right?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1, then 3 rounds
6 burpees
8e DB strict press
10 push-ups
12 Russian KBS

Group stretch and set-up for the WOD

“Nothin left-over”
50t SA DB push jerks (50/35#)
25 burpees over the DB
50 sit-ups
25 ring dips
50 KBS
25 T2B
50 cals on rower
25e front squats
Not a partner workout, but you got this. Break up the reps however you want but make sure the unilateral stuff is balanced evenly between left and right.

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