WOD – Saturday 4/6

Did you get your Half Murph in this week? Just have today and tomorrowtrength:

3 rounds
200m row
5 Samson stretches
10 KB swings
5 inchworms

Hamstring mobility
KB deficit stretch
Hamstring on the rig

Deadlift – 2.2.2 clusters x4, (:15/2:00)
A heavy barbell on a Saturday? The Open most definitely must be over. Something I want everyone to focus on in warm-ups and throughout the entire session is how you move the bar when it gets to the hang position. If we have done the first part of the pull correctly. We have used the legs to drive the bar past our knees. Now we find our selves in a good hang position with our shoulders over the bar and the weight heel heavy, but full footed.
To complete the deadlift from here we must bring our hips to the bar by squeezing the glutes and not bring the bar to our hips by using the lower back. Two completely different ways to execute the same movement, one using the huge glute and hamstring muscles and one using the small spinal erectors. Which do you think is the wiser choice? If you picked option 2, I’ll come over later to help you take your socks off.

“Gone be Good”
1 minutes at each station, complete 4 rounds total
Row for cals
Wall balls
Box jump overs
1:00 rest
A ‘fight gone bad’ style workout. Come out of the gate at 70 to 80% and set the stage by recording all your reps per movement. Round 2, 3 and 4 try to hold those numbers. Simple.

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