WOD – Saturday 6/16

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
15 air squats
10 push-ups
5 pull-ups

Shloulder mobility session

Gymnastics skill work
The ring muscle up – spend 15 minutes working through progressions of this movement.
Think kip swings, muscle up transitions, dips, and supports. Those who are proficient could do an EMOM. Up to the coach.
More experienced athletes can complete a short EMOM (6 to 8 min), completing 3 to 5 perfect muscle-ups per minute.

“Last Out”
20 min AMRAP
600m run
50 air squats
4 muscle-ups
Long WOD. Pacing will be key. Can’t do muscle ups yet? Substitute the hardest version of the pull (C2B, pull-ups, ring rows) and a hard version of a push (ring dips, dips, push-ups) x2.

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