WOD – Saturday 6/2

3 rounds
200m row
10 deadlifts/front squats/S2OH
5 burpees

Group stretch to prep for WOD

“Rolled my Eyes”
With a partner
1000m row
80 deadlifts (115/75#)(95/65#)
60 OtB burpees
1000m row
80 front squats
60 OtB burpees
1000m row
80 S2OH
60 OtB burpees
So fun. Reps split between you and a buddy however you see fit. Weight on the BB stays the same, but the movement changes. To scale this one, look to your most challenging lift and scale accordingly there.

A1. Front rack reverse lunges – 4x8e; AHAP
A2. Banded leg curls – 4x15e
Last Friday we did goblet lunges which were not as challenging because the weight was limited. Today we look to add weight to the bar because we will pull off the rack, working on good movement, with full ROM. Make sure the front knee stays over the front ankle. Back knee stays under the hip. The knee must touch the ground or an abmat.
Superset with banded leg curls.

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