WOD – Saturday 6/22

6 min AMRAP
:30 on any machine
1 round of “Cindy”

Group mobility session

3 rounds; not for time
200m farmers carry
20t weighted step-ups
This one isn’t for time. Meaning you can slow down, challenge yourself with a little more weight, and move deliberately and well.

“Footloose Too”
4 rounds
400m row
20 burpee box jumps
A CrossFit couplet at its finest. Like any couplet, there aren’t many places to hide. So try using what you have learned about pacing and stay between 75 and 85% the entire time. The burpee box jump is a movement that can quickly spike your heart rate so finding a way to control and pace each rep will help you stay moving.

Loved Chad’s diagram last week of moving with purpose in the burpee box jump overs. Here is a diagram done by whiteboard daily that shows 2 different “styles” of bar facing burpees. The person on the left moves with purpose. Is consistent with their footwork every rep and therefore has created efficiency in a very difficult movement. The person on the right does not move with purpose and through the chaotic footwork uses way more energy in the same number of reps. This has nothing to do with speed. Neither one is necessarily going faster, and as an individual athlete, finding the pattern that works for you will help you move with purpose. So whether you are jumping up or stepping up on your burpee, or jumping down or stepping down on your box jump, be consent and find efficiency.

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