WOD – Saturday 6/30

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
then, 3 rounds
20t walking lunges
15 air squats
1:00 wall sit

Light band mobility – pass-throughs, pull-aparts, etc.

A1. Reverse lunges – 4x6e
A2. Banded leg curls – 4x20e, fast and explosive
Today, the lunges are done with a barbell in the back rack position, off a rack, with a really heavy weight. All 6 on one side and then all 6 on the other. Superset with banded good mornings.

“Corn Dog”
15 min AMRAP
15 wall balls (20/14#)
10 T2B
5 HSPU’s
CrossFit triplet. All shoulders. How do you survive these three movements without one really affecting the others? Here, the wall balls might really burn the shoulders, making the T2B’s hard and the HSPU’s impossible. Really prioritize the leg drive in the wall balls. Using the last few inches of the squat to accelerate the ball overhead. With the T2B, by bringing your hands in, you will force external rotation and put the lats in charge of the kip, not the delts. Leaving you with plenty of shoulder power for the HSPU’s.

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