WOD – Saturday 6/8

3 rounds of increasing intensity
100m run
5 pull-ups or 10 ring rows
5 hanging knee tucks/K2E/T2B
:30 plank hold

Quick group mobility session

3 rounds
200m BB farmers carry w/partner
20 weighted sit-ups
In order to complete the 3 rounds, you will need to set up, complete all of the work, and break your bars down with a running clock.

You and your partner will grab 2 bars and set them up out back. Men’s bars should be loaded to 155# and women’s bars should be loaded to 105#. After your farmers carry is ready to go, both of you need an abmat and a weight to complete your weighted sit-ups inside. One round is when you and your partner take your bars from out back to out front. Carrying them as a team, partner 1 holding the front of each bar and partner 2 holding the back of each bar. Once out front, you both must come in and complete 20 weighted sit-ups. This strength is over when you have completed 3 rounds.

The rope climb
A quick review of the rope climb and what good form should look like both on the accent and decent. Then introduce the scaling options for today’s WOD.

“Bridge Traffic”
10 rounds
200m run
1 rope climb (sub 10 T2B)
Simple yet effective. A monostructural movement in the run and gymnastics movement in the run or T2B. Push the run and catch your breath before jumping into the rope climb. Remember, the more efficient you can be in the rope climb the less energy you’re going to waste on erroneous movement. Work on reaching high and bringing those feet up as high as you can before locking in. Try to do each climb in 2 to 3 pulls.

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