WOD – Saturday 6/17

Those partaking in the Lurong Challenge must repeat WOD 1 at some point before Monday, however it will not be the class workout at any point over the weekend. It doesn’t make sense for the whole gym to do it again and weekend classes have been too busy for there to be two big groups doing two different workouts. If you need to repeat, please ask a coach is it is ok for you to do the workout while the class does the WOD. Thank you.

Last Thursday marked the last PortFit gymnastics class. It was an awesome session. We are going to take a week off and then start our last of the 6 week program. This one is going to be devoted to building your aerobic engine. Using the rower, the assault bike, and your favorite running sneakers, we will work through a program devoted to helping you build your ‘wind’. There will be one class a week where we will focus not only on the goal of the workout but also pacing and some form work. There will be a secondary workout for you to complete on your own. If you are interested, please email Sophie to secure a spot. This one couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

800m run or 750m row in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
:20 HS hold
5 burpees
:30 bar hang
5 burpees
:40 plank hold
5 burpees

Group mobility session

The Port core work 3.0
3-5 rounds
5 tire flips
10 close grip push-ups
15 standing banded ab pull downs
:20 L-sit hold
Tires need a little spring flipping. Tire flipping is like a clean or an atlas stone movement, it is an art. There is a ton of technique. Make sure you drive with the legs and use your thighs to support the tired as you transition your grip from pulling to pushing.

“The Bee’s Elbows”
Wall balls (20/14#)
*either 5 bar muscle ups or 10 C2B + 5 ring dips between each round of wall balls
**if you’d like to do some version of the bar muscle up but are unable to complete the movement Rx there are banded and jumping options, however, if the progression must be made too easy then the workout doesn’t really have the same effect. Be smart.

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