WOD – Saturday 7/14

1 more day to get your week 1 challenge scores in. A zero won’t help your monthly score. How about 30, can you beat 30?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds (one with PVC and one with BB)
10 Romanian (both feet on the ground, semi-straight legs the whole time) deadlifts
10 strict press
10 front squat/OHS
10 bent over rows

Keg drill
Pigeon drill

OHS – find a 5RM
Athletes still working on achieving full ROM or still lack the confidence with big weight OH, put something challenging on the bar and complete a 5 min EMOM, completing 5 OHS every minute.

“Master of my Sea”
16 min EMOM
Evens – 2 power snatches + 3 OHS
Odds – 15/12 cal row
Weight on the bar should provide a challenge but you should be able to complete the complex UB. The row should allow for :20 of rest. Very OHS bais which means if the movement isn’t there cleans and front squats can be subbed. As with any EMOM, rest is important. So listen to your coach and create a solid plan of attack.

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