WOD – Sunday 7/15

600m class jog
Then, 2 rounds
10 jumping squats
10 walking lunges
10 broad jumps

Runner’s stretch series.
Standing stretch
Calf stretch
Side lunges, toe down and toe up

Death by 10m
EMOM you must complete the required work.
Min 1 – 50m must be done, which is 5 lengths.
Min 2 – 60m
Min 3 – 70m
How long can you last?

“Farmers Delight”
3 rounds
40 DU’s
200m farmers carry w/2 plates (25/15#)
10 T2B
No fingers in the middle of the weights. Only holding the weights from the top. Claw style. I know you hate these, but they are so good for you. Strong grip means healthy elbows and shoulders. However, grip might go so be prepared to break up those T2B early and often.

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