WOD – Saturday 7/28

Tomorrow is the last day of the July challenge. If you are in class, make sure you pick up a rope and give the :90 of DU’s a try. Who knows, you might get a little something for completing all 3, regardless of your results.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
PVC mobility
Then, The Port snatch warm-up together, as a class
Emphasis on the high hang and hang with priority on the 2nd pull

Have fun with this one. Different format than normal.

Part A
Weight lifting complex – 1 hang snatch pull + 1 hang power snatch
This is a great opportunity to really work on the 2nd pull. A lot of us like to throw the hips forward, come to our toes too soon which prevents the bar from getting into the hips and truly hitting a high hang position. If you break it down, you can really dial in the high hang, the hang and then work on the transition between the two, it should really help improve the lift.

Part B
100 wall balls AFAP
EMOM complete 5 burpees
*starts w/burpees

Part C
4 rounds
25 hollow rocks
1:00 plank hold
Good ol’ fashioned core work

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