WOD – Saturday 7/6

Row 250m
3 rounds
10 OH lunges w/OVC
10 dislocates
10 Russian KBS
Row 250m

Posterior chain prep with bands

Deadlift – 3×3; AHAP
Build to between 80 and 90% and complete all 3 sets of 3 at that same weight.
Just like the front squats this week, the goal of this session is to get heavy and stay heavy for all 3 sets of 3. The majority of this strength should be spent on warming up to that weight. Once you are there, try to rest between 2 and 3 minutes between sets.

One thing I have been working on with my classes is rethinking the deadlift from the approach. Instead of referring it to a movement in which we pick the bar up, I try to introduce it as a leg driven movement where we push the ground away from the floor. As soon as we think “pick it up” we tend to lift with our lower back when we should really think about driving with the legs and pushing the hips to the bar.

Think about how you put a deadlift down, you don’t stand straight up and hinge forward, you push the hips back and slide the bar down the legs. Picking it up should be the complete opposite. As you slide the bar up the legs we push the hips forward, making the lift much more about your hamstring and glutes, not about your spinal erectors.

5 rounds
20 wall balls
15 burpee pull-ups
Simple workout where going unbroken on the wall balls might not get you the best time, but it might help you walk away from this one a little bit better than you were when it began. Learning to stay in the thick of things not only helps you evolve aerobically but it starts to redefine what you can do as an athlete. Training your mental strength is maybe more important than training your physical strength. Understanding that you are capable way more and pushing that envelope is by far the most rewarding part of getting better.

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