WOD – Saturday 7/1

Happy July 1st! Can you believe that June has already come and gone? How has your attendance been? Summertime always has a transition period. Whether you have kids that are now out of school full time, you’re getting used to the longer days and warmer weather, or even plans to see friends and family have disrupted your routine. It’s time to reinvest in a little consistency. Making an effort to come daily might be really throwing you off your game, so before the week takes over, carve out 3 or 4 days where an hour must be spent at the gym. Piece together a regular schedule and make it a habit again. I know I enjoy seeing you here a lot more.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
8 straight leg deadlifts
8 front squats
8 strict press
8 broad jumps

Foam roll the legs
Banded Hamstring
Banded front rack

“Over Excited”
20 min AMRAP
800m run
20 power cleans (155/105#)(135/95#)
Take a ton of time to warm up the power clean. Make sure that this is a truly challenging weight. Think about getting 3+ rounds.

2 rounds
10 strict T2B
15 back extensions
20 Russian twists
25 sit-ups

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