WOD – Saturday 9/1

September 1st has always been a natural time to reflect on the year so far, to celebrate the goals you have achieved or determine whether or not you are on your way to reaching that goal still left unattained. Ever since we were kids, September brings the beginning of a new school year. A chance to redefine yourself. To introduce a whole different you to a seemingly willing population. This feeling never seems to go away and as we step into the fall I urge you to take a little time to do just that. How is this year going? Did the summer deter you from reaching some of your goals? How can we change that?

Getting a chance to start fresh allows us to reinvest in what is important. A routine with healthy habits both nutritionally but recovery based as well. Good sleep habits, lot’s of water and maybe more consistency at the gym. Let’s head into the fall with a refreshed view and a revamped motivation. Here’s to the last quarter of 2018.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds
10 S2OH
10 back squats

Banded shoulder mobility

Push press – cluster format 1.1.1
Build to a heavy weight for the cluster in 5 sets total.
Make sure to rest :10 between each rep and 2:00 between each cluster.
Look back to last week and think about how we focused on the role the legs play in the push press. Get the bar into the rack position, execute the perfect dip and drive and really explode with those legs and hips. The more the legs work, the less the shoulders need to.

“TV makeover”
8 min AMRAP
30/25 cals row
10 HSPU’s
8 min AMRAP
30/25 cals row
10 burpees
Shoulder on shoulders on shoulders. The first 8 minutes are a row and HSPU’s, the second 8 minutes you will go right into a row and burpees. There is no stopping and no rest, simply change the movement, maybe even mid-rep. Coaches will let you know when to change, just keep on moving.

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