WOD – Saturday 9/21

10 min of rowling
Coaches, want to pick the penalties per round. Since we are squatting, I was thinking squats, lunges, glute bridges, double the seconds in a wall sit, etc. Ashley, this is your class, so you can take the lead here

The Port squat mobility session

Back squat – 10.8.6
Build up to around 75% and try to hit a set of 10. Add weight for your 8 and again for your 6. How close to 85% can you get?

More of a volume session than a weight session. Most of our reps have been between 3 and 5 lately, so it is time to switch it up and go for much larger sets. This is also our first big squatting session since our box squat cycle, so be ready to feel a little bit stronger in the back squat but also recognize that the box won’t be there to stop you.

“Don’t tase me Bro”
Burpees to a plate
50’ OH walking lunge after every set of burpees
Good old fashion fitness fun. Find a pace in the burpees and stick with it. Imagine you were asked to do all of these burpees in a row without the lunges. What might your pace be then? How will that differ when you in your set of 21?

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