WOD – Saturday 9/7

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 5 min AMRAP
10 plank walks left/right
10 push-ups with 2 shoulder taps
10 ring rows

Monster band shoulder mobility

A1. Bench press – 5×5
A2. Chin-ups – 5 sets of sub ME
Just a reminder, the bench press is a full body, compound lift. Meaning form on the bench is as important as it is when you are back squatting or deadlifting. Before you pull that bar off the rack;
– squeeze the glutes and get the lower back off the bench
– plant the feet on the ground and drive through the heels
– pull the shoulder blades down towards your butt
Also, today we switch the grip on the pull-ups but don’t let that change your range of motion. Play with the width of your grip and make sure you are going all the way to a fully extended arm.

2 rounds
400m run
20 DB burpees (50/35#)(40/25#)
400m run
20 DB step-ups (20/16”)
Immediately into accumulating 4:00 in plank position
The DB burpee is done with 2 DB’s. You will never drop them and they must be in your hands the entire time. You start by completing a burpees with your chest hitting the ground between the DB’s. Then you must jump your feet up and stand up holding the DB’s (complete a deadlift). This piece is easy to slack off on. Make sure you jump up with the DB’s on the outside of your feet and flatten your back before you pull the DB’s off the ground. Try a few of these out before you start.

The step-ups can be done with the DB’s in a rack position on your shoulders or held by your side in the “suitcase” position. Either way you must alternate feet and stand all the way up at the top.

Once you have completed the 2 rounds, you are responsible for 4 minutes in the plank position. That means your time does not stop until you have completed that task. Try to break it up as little as possible because your rest time doesn’t count towards the 4 minutes.

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