WOD – Saturday 9/16

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, spend 2 minutes in Z2
2 rounds
15 push-ups
5 strict pull-ups/ring rows
15 air squats

Pec stretch and shoulder prep for bench press

Bench press – wave format; 2.1
*build as you would in a wave, rest as little as possible between sets but as needed between waves. Example…
Wave 1 = 185×2 205×1
Wave 2 = 195×2 215×1
Wave 3 = 205×2 225×1
Let’s make sure elbow path is watched heavily. Like a push-up, press, or HSPU, elbows should track back towards the rib cage. They don’t have to be close enough to touch the torso, but back towards it will save the shoulders considerably.

“Takesies Backsies”
Teams of 3
1 mile med ball run (20/14#)
2000m row
6 miles AB
Nothing to it here. Grind it out. You could start groups in different places if classes are too big, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

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