WOD – Sunday 10/20

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
PVC mobility as a class
Then, The Port snatch warm-up
Emphasis on proper catch position

Power snatch – 1 rep EMOM for 10 min
Last time we approached the snatch it was a 10 min EMOM of squat snatches. When you are required to get under the bar, the pull from the ground must be perfect, the bar must be kept close and the priority is pulling yourself down, under the bar to catch in a strong position. When you take the squat portion out, all you have to do is focus on being as explosive as possible through the middle position of the lift. Yes keep the bar close, but get the bar to move as fast as you can right after the hang position.

“True Statement”
TABATA rower sprints
Rest 3:00
TABATA push-ups
Rest 3:00
The only way that this workout is going to work is if you follow the most important rule of TABATA, and that’s how to score it. Your score at the end is going to be the lowest score over the course of the 8 rounds. That being the case, starting at a pace that you cannot maintain will not only not go well for your score, but will also not be helpful when it comes to sustaining a pace between 70 and 80%. Getting 10 cals your first :20 isn’t smart when you only get 4 cals your last :20. So come out a bit slower and try to hold a number that’s challenging for you.

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