WOD – Sunday 10/6

:30 AB
Standing child’s pose
10 strict press
Add a little weight to your bar
:30 AB
Sink stretch
10 push press
Add a little weight to your bar
:30 AB
Single arm, tricep and lat stretch
10 push jerks

Any extra shoulder mobility to prep for the strength

OH complex – 1 push press + 1 push jerk
1 lift E:90 for 6 lifts total.
Build up to a challenging weight and then complete this strength across.
Since both lifts rely heavily on the power of your legs to move the bar, the rack position is going to be a huge focus today. Make sure you go through the proper warm up and mobility drills to really ensure you can lock that bar into a solid rack and are efficient as possible when transferring energy from the lower body into the bar.

“Foam Finger”
14 min AMRAP
9 sit-ups
8 push-ups
7 DB push press
6 strict pull-ups
Simple yet effective.

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