WOD – Sunday 10/15

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 thrusters
10 push-ups
10 ring rows

Group mobility session

“Valuable Lesson”
Buy in – 30/25 cals AB
Then, 5 rounds
15 OHS (75/55#)(65/45#)
10 pull-ups
5 HSPU’s
Buy out – 30/25 cals on AB
Lot’s of places to scale here. Front squats instead of OHS. HSPU progression instead of Rx HSPU’s.

Core Work
3 rounds
A1. Banded Russian KBS – 18
A2. Goblet lunges – 16t
A3. KB OH sit-ups – 14
Quick core session people can do after the workout. Set up and work through this one. Make sure you understand the movements, a couple of newbies here.

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