WOD – Sunday 10/22

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 push-ups
10 shoulder taps
:20 HS hold

Bench press prep – wall stretch, rotational drills, and some banded work.

Bench press – 8×4; building the entire time. First 4 should be close grip, last 4 should be normal grip
Cool way to mix up the bench. If you plan well, your last set of the close grip should lead you right into the normal grip. Remember to focus on the tracking of your elbows, making sure they move back towards your rib cage as opposed to out away from your shoulders.

15 min AMRAP
200m run
10 T2B
Another aerobic piece with a little bit of high skill gymnastics mixed in. For people who have a difficult time with T2B, breaking them up from the very beginning will prove to be very helpful in the later rounds. 15 minutes is a long time. Ultimately, one could get 8+ rounds of this one. That is 80+ T2B.

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