WOD – Sunday 12/23

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds of
10 walking lunges to spiderman
5 inchworms
10 bootstrap squats with rotation

Group mobility session

Walking lunges – 4x20t; each set should be AHAP
Done with either two KB’s or 2 DB’s in the front rack positon.
20 is a lot, so be prepared to fight.
Make sure we are really watching not only how long our steps are, but how wide they are as well. Really focus on the tracking of your knees. Where they are and how they move determine the health of your lunges.

“No Surprises”
20 min EMOM
1. 15/12 cals row
2. 20 sit-ups
3. 12/10 cals AB
4. Rest
Little recovery EMOM.

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