WOD – Sunday 12/4

Understand the difference between determination and obsession. Being obsessed with something usually, leads to being stubborn. Being stubborn prevents you from changing and evolving while being determined will get you to your goal by whatever path is required.

3 rounds
200m row
10 wall balls
5 pull-ups

Group dynamic mobility to prep for the WOD

Core work –
3 rounds
10 GHD sit-ups or 15 strict T2B
10 GHD back ext

“Let me Love You”
Every 5:00 for 25:00 total (5 rounds)
20t goblet lunges (53/35#)
15/12 cals on AB
10 slams balls
5 strict pull-ups
Very different WOD in terms of movement pairings and muscles used. Make sure you are getting a rest in each round. If you are not getting at least :30 of rest, you might want to scale down the reps.

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