WOD – Sunday 2/16

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds with a moderate KB
10 sumo deadlifts
10 KBS
1:00 plank hold

Posterior chain prep for strength

Sumo deadlift –
Look to 12/18 for direction towards final weight. We did a double then, try to make it your triple.

“Done in Chains”
16 min AMRAP
40 DU’s
30 sit-ups
20 plate G2OH
10e OH reverse lunges w/plate
Intended stimulus – a straightforward workout where moving is the goal, not speed. These movements can be cheated and cutting corners will, in fact, get you a better score. But, today the goal is virtuosity. “Doing the common, uncommonly well”. Hold yourself accountable for perfect movement in each of the four exercises. At the end of the day be proud of your performance not because of the score in Wodify, but because of how well you did each rep.

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