WOD – Sunday 2/23

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 round with a monster band
10 plank walks left
10 push-ups
10 plank walks right
10 ring rows

Shoulder mobility based on strength

6 rounds
10 DB bench press
10 laying banded lat pull downs
*not rest between, rest after both have been completed

TABATA of each of the following
Cals AB
Air squats
Cals AB
Intended stimulus – TABATA format is :20 of work and :10 of rest for 8 rounds total. That means it is only 4 minutes at each station and only 2:40 of that is work time. However, since it is a very short interval, it can quickly get out of hand. Each time you start, find a good number and simply try to hold on. There is not additional rest between stations so be ready to switch.

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